Ending Waterfalls

Chichin ***

Waterfalls of Chichin Aventure

Le canyon de Chichin

At 45 minutes from Briançon, at the bottom of the valley of Fressinières is the canyon of Chichin. A wide-ranging canyoning itinerary for enthusiasts of sensations.

Chichin offers a magnificent golf course (jumps, toboggans, swim ..) and vertical (chain of final cascades). Hautes-Alpes ..

It is practiced in the beginning of the autumn when the flow is at the lowest. It is essential to have already practiced canyoning.

A super canyon in an exceptional environment, to do with motivated friends

Mattéo D.

Stuff you need !

le matériel utile
  • Your guide is committed to providing you with quality equipment, maintained at every outing and meeting EPI standards.
  • To practice canyoning it's important to know how to swim and being in good physical condition.
  • Don't forget your smile !!


Rappelling in the canyon of chichin
Slide in Chichin
Rappelling strait ligne
Jump in the canyon
Rappelling under the geyser
Final rappelling in Chichin