En haut de la grande Cascade


En rappel au soleil Sportif

Le canyon de Pra-reboul

A first major canyon or the techniques of descending on rope will be put forward. A canyon with a vertical trend, during this trip is the recall under waterfalls that dominates and requires us to manage as a team the obstacles to overcome. To take part in this excursion it is advisable to have already practice canyoning.

Facing west, the canyon of Pra-reboul runs in the afternoon to enjoy a maximum sunshine. 6 people max.

A sun-drenched canyon in the afternoon, guaranteed ambiance !

Mattéo D.

Stuff you need !

le matériel utile
  • Your guide is committed to providing you with quality equipment, maintained at every outing and meeting EPI standards.
  • To practice canyoning it's important to know how to swim and being in good physical condition.
  • Don't forget your smile !!


On the top of a waterfall
Slide rappelling
Again and again rappelling in Pra Reboul