Rappel Découverte

The canyon of Caprie

The Sessi Canyon is above the village of Caprie located in Italia.

A full day of canyoning in Italia.

At one houre driving for Briançon, we willjoins the village of Capriebefore loosing our landmarks inside the beautiful canyon of Sessi.

Pic up your Picnic and your smile !

Very fun canyon with rappelling, lot of jumps and slides ! The ideal full day trip in Canyoning.

Playful like you want, rappelling, jumps and slides. The canyon day by excellence!

Mattéo D.

Stuff you need !

le matériel utile
  • Your guide is committed to providing you with quality equipment, maintained at every outing and meeting EPI standards.
  • To practice canyoning it's important to know how to swim and being in good physical condition.
  • Don't forget your smile !!


waterfall in the canyon
Jump in Caprie