En haut de la derniere cascade

Les Blaches

Les cascades de costeplane Sportif

Le canyon des Blaches

At the entrance of the valley of the Ubaye

The canyon of the Blaches takes us on a walk above the Lauzet.

This sporting route allows the perfection of the technique in Reminder, it is the agenda that will be implemented on the magnificent terminal cascades. The return via the via ferrata promises us an aerial journey over the rapids of the Ubaye.

A unique passage under the Costeplane waterfalls. A final of hell !

Mattéo D.

Stuff you need !

le matériel utile
  • Your guide is committed to providing you with quality equipment, maintained at every outing and meeting EPI standards.
  • To practice canyoning it's important to know how to swim and being in good physical condition.
  • Don't forget your smile !!


Rainbow under waterfalls
Slide in les Blaches
waterfalls in canyon des Blaches
On theh walk to go
rappelling in the second part of the canyon
Go back by via ferrata